About Kourageous Kosmetics
The lip products we create make you feel like your bold, confident self no matter what you're doing - whether you are running errands, running your household, or leading the boardroom. Every Kourageous Kosmetics lip shade serves as a reminder that you are the ONLY YOU on this planet and deserve to shine in your light. We value inclusivity, quality, and sophistication.

Kourageous Kosmetics products are packed with Vitamin E - because your lips shouldn’t just be colorful and gorgeous, they should also be healthy! Every swipe glides on smoothly, so you can return to running your home, business, and life in a snap.
It is our mission to motivate and inspire women through lip products to live their best lives, embrace their journey and achieve their goals in a beautiful and confident manner.
A world where women are empowered to fulfill their dreams no matter what their background or circumstance is and where beauty is celebrated as an integral part of every woman's journey through Kourageous Kosmetics’ lip products that are accessible in all parts of the world.
Throughout my childhood, I struggled with a lack of confidence and self-esteem and I found that a swipe of bright color across my lips gave me a temporary boost. As an adult, there were some challenges that I've encountered. Wearing my favorite lipstick gave me the little boost I needed to keep going.

I discovered that how I showed up to the world impacted how I showed up for myself. Slowly but surely, I allowed those colors to seep into my skin and become a part of me - so I’m never really without my favorite invaluable companions.
I created Kourageous Kosmetics because I wanted to empower women to define and embrace their own idea of beauty. Because that’s what real self-love and acceptance feel like. And when you truly love yourself - ALL of yourself - you can take on the world.
Couldn't your early makeup routine use a heavy dose of sparkle and self-love?


We exist to help women realize their full potential, providing the products and inspiration they need to thrive and accomplish anything in life while feeling beautiful anD
 inside and out.